A new town called Allington for Eastleigh

What do you guys think of these plans for Eastleigh’s new village at Allington? Replacing Allington lane with a small village?

The plans exist, but Keith House (Lib Dem Council Leader) suggests it is not going ahead. A signpost however has been erected which mentions a place called “Allington”. Local Lib Dem Councillors tell us the sign will be replaced as it has been put up in error. Allington Lane of course existed previously, but not really much of a destination named Allington.

I’ve attached the vision statement below, it even includes a new train station!

Some detail from the official document:

  • “The site is set in a strategic location well related to Eastleigh town, Hedge End, and the villages of Bishopstoke, Fair Oak, and Horton Heath. The site is well connected to Southampton (including West End village) and within easy reach of key strategic transport infrastructure in the area”.
  • “It will utilise under-used rail capacity on the Eastleigh-Fareham railway line including improving links to Hedge End railway station and potentially enabling the future provision of a new railway station”

Full Eastleigh Borough Council Vision doc, which is a few years old:

This signpost sparked a huge debate on facebook, as it refers to a location called Allington, which no one locally had previously heard of:

Allington’s wikipedia page did come into existence in 2013.

The pertinent bits of the facebook conversation are below, with responses from Cllr Michelle Marsh, and Cllr Nick Couldrey.


As you can see there seems to be some conversation as to whether this development is going ahead or not, but it seems to be around the area of Horton Hearth Development for 2,500 new Homes!

Is it possible our Lib Dem led council are holding back on announcing the plans here until after changes to the local plan are announced in May, which conviniently seems to be after the local elections?

Evidence seems to suggest it is going ahead, though people are currently being told the opposite.

Allington Saved from future development look!

Unfortunately, I think it’s a done deal already and the Lib Dems will carry on regardless.
Where did the idea of having “Allington” on a road sign even come from?? There’s no existing Allington signs anywhere (and never has been to my knowledge). The only things that are in the vicinity is Allington Manor, some industrial units and a handful of houses. Oh, and fields. Lovely green fields…


Some of us believed that the land around Allington Lane was always the end game and that the then options for Bishopstoke and Fair Oak were a diversion, a smoke screen while the Allington area was quietly being progressed. If you saw the size of the power cable that was laid over a year ago along Allington Lane, you may have realised that it was an overly large cable indeed.

The plan to turn Eastleigh into a dormitory town is progressing.

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Bit more hints that Allington will probably go ahead:

The original farm entrance

The same farm entrance today, which looks much more ready to handle additional traffic.

and the plans from the council’s Allington vision statement:

According to the council asset list, Eastleigh Borough Council do already own:

  • Bookfield Grazing Paddocks at Fair Oak
  • Brookfield Farm

When the 4000 dwelling major development along Allington Lane was first proposed by the Lib Dems it got so far as a document presented and voted on at Full Council. The new town was to be called Allington, so it’s not really something new. Shortly after that particular Council meeting the proposal was withdrawn by the Lib Dems.

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Watch this space!! (Pun intended :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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The proposed One Horton Heath development appears to encompass many of the Allington plans and joins Hedge End, Horton Heath and Allington Lane. Work has already started at the site…

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Update as of 15/04/2021:

The 2 new signs by the new roundabout are both still there. Both are unchanged (i.e. still say “Allington”).

However, today, rather bizarrely, a 3rd sign has appeared!

I’ve also had a response from our MP (whom I contacted after seeing the original signage.)

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Just for clarity, this is the document that Andy Grandfield (Head of Housing & Development at EBC) has quoted in his response to Paul Holmes MP.

Please can I urge everyone to have a look at it (it’s quite a long document, but even if you just look at the maps I think you’ll get the gist!) - I think Fair Oak/Horton Heath/Bishopstoke/West End/Allbrook are in line for THOUSANDS more houses…One Horton Heath is just the beginning…

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Mr House has responded to Mr Holmes about the developments of houses and homes in “Allington”

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It was definitely on the agenda at one point. :slight_smile: