5G in Eastleigh

Popped out for a walk earlier and papped the new 5G base station on the corner of Scott Road and Derby Road.

The phone box that has been there for as long as I can remember has also been removed.

Definitely not my most exciting post but I was impressed by the size!

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Looks like a toilet antenna from that angle! :rofl:.

Seems the 5G rollout is happening super fast across Eastleigh! 5G in Bishopstoke and Fair Oak

Quite glad to see this! Though I have noticed while 5G signal is working, I now get a worse 3G signal deeper in Stoke Park woods - I can’t walk so far while on a call! :frowning:

This is the most ironic thing isn’t it… ‘traditional’ cellular still carries calls! VoIP (I think) is available on some networks but I don’t even think 4G voice is widely available anywhere in the U.K.!

All based on 3GPP standards as well :joy:

LPWA coming soon… pavement penetration technology!