5G in Bishopstoke and Fair Oak

Oer, I noticed today while out for a walk that my phone now gets 5G reception in both Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. 200mb broadband from my phone!

Are the days numbered for Fixed line broadband providers when all you need now is a fully mobile WiFi router?

The coverage checker says it’s not available yet, but it is. I wonder how much of Eastleigh is covered?


I’m gobsmacked, I’m lucky to hit 21mbs in central eastleigh off my router!

hah, does your phone have 5G- might want to try turning off Wifi and checking how fast your speed is!

I was impressed to hit 180mb in the woods! Could now stream a very high quality video feed from there!

It doesn’t, will have to check. Might be better with an unlimited internet phone contract, 5G and a hotspot lol!

I currently get 6mb… in the Pirelli estate (ironic)… in a house five years old…

(And I don’t get 4G!)

5G base station on Scott Road in Eastleigh, @afdy. Out of interest, who’s your provider?

Virgin Media - who are an MVNO on EE’s network. I only just got the SIM update a few days ago to say I’d been enabled to be 5G ready. I didn’t do anything to get that so guessing not all providers have switched on yet.

I did see engineers unpacking and fitting equipment at the local mast a couple of months or so ago, and the mast went down every day for a week or two for “maintenance”.

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Not for long: Virgin Media's 5G Mobile Goes Live via Vodafone UK UPDATED - ISPreview UK :wink:

I get 5G in Eastleigh and in Stoke Park. Never ‘full’ but I get it. Good to see it’s being rolled out and, I quite agree, replacing the need for fixed line should actually be a business model from MNOs.

As you know, big issues are:

  • 5G penetration through walls
  • base station capacity
  • reliance of the fixed infra to provide ‘stable’ connectivity (as you know) for traditional telephony services

I assume there are products that go on the outside of your house to act as the antenna to improve reception?

I just went for a little driving recon (because I’m THAT exciting on a Sunday morning!), seems just about all of fair oak is covered, bits of bishopstoke, and even less of Eastleigh- most of Eastleigh didn’t get it at all.

If I was needing a broadband provider in fair oak now I’d strongly be considering 5g over Virgin Media / BT / alternatives. Clear benefit is you’d be able to pick up your router and take it on holiday with you! :partying_face:

Yes but that wouldn’t solve the base station congestion issue :sob:

Fleming Park 5G measurements!

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Yay, that’s a massive improvement!

This was on Grantham Green.


Out of interest who is your service provider, Andy?

I’m with Three. Below is my Fleming Park speeds.

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