2023 Borough Council Election - Bishopstoke - Gary Chaffey (Independent)

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Vote GARY CHAFFEY for Bishopstoke A Truly Independent Candidate

Working for the Residents of Bishopstoke

Dear Voter,

I am excited to announce that I am running for the position of Borough Councillor for the Bishopstoke Ward in the Eastleigh Borough Council Elections.
I am a truly Independent candidate and am not affiliated with any political party or political group. This genuine independence means can serve my community and ensure every voice has a chance to be heard without political bias.
I am a resident of Bishopstoke and live within the village with my three children and my partner who was born and bred here and whose immediate family all live within Bishopstoke. Having seen the challenges that our community faces firsthand I understand the vital importance of addressing these issues and working towards solutions that benefit all residents.
In the rest of this leaflet, you will find information about my vision for Bishopstoke, and how I plan to achieve my goals. I would be honoured to have your vote in the upcoming election and to have the opportunity to serve as your representative on Eastleigh Borough Council.

Yours Sincerely,

I am your only truly independent choice in this up and coming election.
There are five candidates, three from the main political parties, one who is supported by the independent group and myself, a completely independent candidate.

A family orientated candidate representing all voices independently. Improving Bishopstoke now and for future generations.

Protecting our amazing area for future generations.
I will be promoting renewable energy sources and supporting investment in public transport as well as electric charging points to encourage sustainable travel. As a regular visitor to Stoke Park Woods I am keen to protect the wide biodiversity in Bishopstoke whilst supporting the growth of our community and improving access to green spaces for future generations.

Facilitating safe, sustainable transport.
With a growing community there comes a need for a growing infrastructure to support this. I will be tirelessly pursuing a green yet appropriate plan for transport throughout the Borough.

I will work passionately on these additional issues - Supporting local allotment schemes.

  • Increasing leisure and park facilities.
  • Protecting small green spaces, such as verges and supporting the planting of trees.
  • Improving community engagement so YOUR voice can be heard.
  • Supporting residents of private roads such as Sewall Drive in their desire to not allow their roads to become public thoroughfares.
  • Increasing the frequency and condition of dog waste bins to reduce dog fouling in well known hotspots.

Please contact me, I am happy to discuss any issues or concerns you have!

Promoting sustainable, responsible and consistent development across the Borough.
Eastleigh Borough Council has a range of planning policies that are relevant to the local area. As a councillor I am committed to promoting sustainable, responsible and consistent development across the Borough. With an emphasis being placed on promoting brown field development and infill over large developments on green fields. Whilst I recognise the vital importance of protecting the local environment such as Stoke Park Woods, I also acknowledge the need to build new houses so as families grow and expand, future generations are not priced out of the local area and Bishopstoke and Eastleigh as a whole can continue to thrive.

Making Bishopstoke an even safer place to live! Like many areas Bishopstoke has seen an overall rise in many crime statistics, specifically theft, violence and sexual offences. I want to encourage additional funds for local community safety initiatives prioritised in partnership with the Police and other agencies.

CHAFFEY, Gary Simon

Working with you and for you to make Bishopstoke Better!
The Truly Independent Candidate for Bishopstoke!

Phone: 07946773297
E-mail: garyschaffey@gmail.com

Disclaimers and Acknowledgements
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Crime statistics obtained from crimerate.co.uk