2022 Eastleigh North Lisa Crosher (Conservatives)

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Your Conservative Candidate for EASTLEIGH NORTH

LOCAL ELECTION | Thursday 5th May 2022

Lisa Crosher lived in Eastleigh North Ward for over 12 years and is familiar with and passionate about tackling the local issues affecting residents.

Her knowledge of Allbrook, Boyatt Wood and Eastleigh is extensive, and she continues to regularly attend and participate in council meetings and stand up for the area despite narrowly missing out being elected in 2021. A few more votes this year would give her the ability to make a bigger impact on your behalf.

Lisa is a very experienced, confident, and capable Quantity Surveyor who ran a successful company in the local area for 9 years. As a former School Governor, she has a proven track record of delivering the responsibility and commitment that such an important voluntary role requires. She has a broad and versatile skillset that would add strength to Eastleigh Borough Council and bring much needed balance to the dominant Liberal Democrat presence.

She is able and willing to make tough decisions on your behalf. Her motto is a job worth doing is worth doing well and she still believes that.

Committed She is very active in the community and will continue to dedicate time to ensuring that your issues are addressed, you are kept updated and are heard.

Capable Over a 20-year professional career in budget management, cost control and financial accountability. Confident in supporting people and ensuring best value for your Council Tax.

Considerate Keen to utilise her strong skillset to assist the Council in delivering the services that we all rely on.

Caring & Compassionate Enthusiastic about protecting and improving the area she lives in. Concerned that residents’ voices need to be listened to and considered rather than dismissed.

Bringing the Headquarters to Eastleigh
Paul and Lisa are campaigning for the headquarters of the new Great British Railways to be located right here in Eastleigh, a historic railway town. They know that Eastleigh is the very embodiment of a railway town and would be the perfect home for Great British Railways.

Eastleigh combines the strong historical association with the railway along with excellent transport links making it a very practical location for a head office. Furthermore, by locating the new headquarters here it would create new jobs, town centre regeneration and a fresh chapter in Eastleigh’s story with the railway.
Use your vote at the upcoming by-election to support our campaigns to bring the Great British Railways HQ to Eastleigh and to regenerate the Town Centre.

Time to focus on our neglected Town Centre
After years of overdevelopment across the Borough of Eastleigh, it’s time to make Eastleigh and the Town Centre a priority. That’s why we are championing a regeneration plan that will bring the Council, businesses, and community groups together to; improve pedestrian and cyclist access across the town, increase the provision of parking for residents and shoppers plus the creation of a vibrant high-street, full of independent retailers. We will also call for the return of the weekly market.

A key part of our plan will be to protect the town’s heritage and iconic buildings. Your Conservative team would have brought the Samsons’ Gym site into community ownership to save it from developers, something the Liberal Democrats were sadly not prepared to do. Where new homes are required, they’ll be spacious with plenty of green outside space, additional parking and in keeping with the Town’s character.

Back these pledges by voting for Lisa Crosher on Thursday 5th May 2022. Your support could make all the difference.

Largest Council Tax Cut in 20 years
Your local Conservative team would drive down the cost of your monthly council tax bill and implement the largest Council Tax cut for two decades at Eastleigh Borough Council. This will ensure value for money for all residents. Conservatives keep costs low.

Better services from your Council Tax
Your local Conservative team are campaigning for fairer funding of services for Eastleigh rather than council leaders diverting funds to Hedge End; more bins to reduce litter, keeping the leaves swept and footpaths clear, extra grass cutting and improvements to green areas run by Eastleigh Borough Council. All of which will help make the town look tidier and cleaner. Conservatives take pride in the environment.

Scrap Garden Waste Collection Fees
To help keep your garden tidy, and reduce trips to the recycling centre, we will scrap the Liberal Democrat charges for collecting garden waste. Conservatives keep costs low.

Tackling Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
Eastleigh is a great place to live and work and because our community is so special, it is vital that we keep it safe and protect people from crime and anti-social behaviour. Conservatives want to protect our streets.


Since being elected in 2019, it has been a privilege to represent you as your Member of Parliament.
One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people and fantastic organisations.

Despite the challenges of COVID, I have been working tirelessly on your behalf and am making great progress with my plan for the area. This includes the announcement of the M27 resurfacing, new facilities at Barton Peveril College and now my campaign to bring the HQ of Great British Railways to Eastleigh.
There is still more to deliver and I will continue to campaign for less development constantly proposed by our Lib Dem council. Instead, we need a regeneration plan for the town centre, more investment and a greener environment.

To help me deliver this plan, Eastleigh needs Conservative Councillors. That is why I am asking you to give Lisa Crosher your vote. Together, we can get Eastleigh moving, deliver the services we need and create a brighter future for our town.

It is time for change, time to take a stand and time to Vote Conservative.

Paul Holmes
Conservative MP for Eastleigh

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