2021 Eastleigh Labour Leaflet 2 "Sam Jordan - Your local candidate for Eastleigh South"

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Sam Jordan
Your local candidate for Eastleigh South

  • A free parking permit
  • Repair our roads
  • Stop over-development.

Let’s make Eastleigh better, together.

What has sam done to make Eastleigh Better so far:

  • Fought against over-development.
  • Secured free-post address for postal vote applications
  • Exposed council tax wastage

Despite the pandemic, I’ve been busy pushing Eastleigh Borough Council on a range of issues - we’ve done some great work. Did you know our council has spent £16,000,000 on ‘Consultants fees’ whilst our roads get worse and our streets get dirtier?

On top of this, last year Hedge End had £1,000,000 spent on its infrastructure. Eastleigh had £40,000. How is that fair on our community in Eastleigh?

You can vote for me on May 6th and I promise to fight for Eastleigh at every single change - I’ve lived here all my life. How many other candidates can say that?

It’s time to make Eastleigh better. Your vote on May 6th will ensure it.

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Seems a good time to add some more detail so residents can see what they’re voting for:

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And then confirmation you’re supporting making Eastleigh better: https://fb.me/e/24Vnxidlm