2021 Eastleigh Conservatives Leaflet 3 - "Paul Holmes/Lisa Crosher - Eastleigh North"

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Your Conservative candidate for EASTLEIGH NORTH

Dear Neighbour
It is my absolute privilege to represent you as your Member of Parliament for Eastleigh. My first 18 months in office has been challenging, but during this time have met many wonderful constituents.

We are making great progress on our plans for the area, whether that is the announcement of the resurfacing of the M27, success in removing Bishopstoke from the Lib Dem local housing plan or securing more funding for our local police and schools.

I have so much more that I want to deliver; reducing the excessive development constantly proposed by our Lib Dem council, more infrastructure for our towns and villages, such as the Government backed Botley bypass and ensuring we have the services that we need.

In order to achieve more for our area, I need Conservative Councillors to make sure that we deliver on your priorities. At present, progress is stifled by our Liberal Democrat Council

That is why I need a strong local Conservative team and I am asking you to give them your vote in May. Together, we can get Eastleigh moving, deliver on the services we need and reduce the overdevelopment of our area.

It is time for change, time to take a stand and time to Vote Conservative.

Paul Holmes
Conservative MP for Eastleigh

Our vaccination programme continues to go from strength to strength. Over 50% of adults have now been vaccinated and with every jab, more and more people are protected from this virus.

Great progress is being made locally as well. More than 50,000 people in Eastleigh Borough have received a jab and Hampshire is 5th for the total number of doses given out of 42 NHS areas.

How to contact us
Email: info@eastleighconservatives.org
Twitter: @Eastleightory
Web: www.conservatives.com
Write: Eastlelgh Conservatives, The HILL, Upper Northam Close, Hedge End SO30 4BB

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Lisa Crosher is a very experienced, confident, and capable Quantity Surveyor who ran a successful company in the local area for 9 years.

She lived in Eastleigh North Ward for 12 years and is familiar with and passionate about tackling the local issues affecting residents.

As a former School Governor, she has a proven track record of delivering the responsibility and commitment that such an important voluntary role requires. She has a broad and versatile skillset that would add strength to Eastleigh Borough Council and bring much needed balance to the dominant Liberal Democrat presence.

She is able and willing to make tough decisions on your behalf. Her motto is a job worth doing is worth doing well and she truly believes that.

COMMITTED She will dedicate time to ensuring that your issues are addressed, you are kept updated and feel listened to.

CAPABLE Over a 20-year professional career in budget management, cost control and financial accountability. Confident in supporting people and ensuring best value.

CONSIDERATE keen to utilise her strong skillset to assist the Council in delivering the services that we all rely on.

CARING & COMPASSIONATE Enthusiastic about protecting and improving the area she lives in. Concerned that residents’ voices need to be heard and considered.

Lisa’s priorities for Eastleigh North

As a local resident I see the detrimental impact that development has on traffic. I will campaign to improve infrastructure to reduce the congestion.

Chickenhall Lane link road
Work across the community to deliver the previously promised Chickenhall Lane Link road to ease traffic on Bishopstoke Road, Twyford Road and Woodside Avenue.

Increase the number of bins for public
More bins would reduce the amount of littering that occurs in our area. Protecting the environment and taking pride in our surroundings is very important to protect our area for future generations.

Improvements to walkways and cycleways in our area.
Petitioning for a no through road sign for Boyatt Lane to enable safer walking and cycling in our area. Helping residents ensure that their crossings, drop kerbs and cycleways are in the right places to be utilised effectively.

across the Borough of Eastleigh

The excessive housebuilding and continued overdevelopment of our green spaces must end. It is not right that the Liberal Democrat Council are continuing to build above our local housing targets - 49% more in the last three years. We also haven’t had the infrastructure put in place to support this.

We should build our fair share of housing and not exceed targets. We need to invest in our communities to make sure that we have the transport connections, school places and GP appointments to look after local people.

OUR SIX POINT PLAN | Eastleigh North

We want to ease congestion, reduce travel times and deliver better transport links, including footpaths and cycle lanes.

We will oppose excessive housebuilding and overdevelopment on our green fields. Instead, we will build our fair share of new houses to support families who want to live in our community.

We will work with the Police to combat anti-social behaviour and burglaries. That’s why we’ll deliver more police and community CCTV.

We led the creation of the Solent Freeport and back the runway extension at Southampton Airport. This will create new jobs, higher wages and support our economic recovery.

We’ve delivered an increase in funding for primary and secondary schools and are championing apprenticeships locally.

We want improved access to local health services and more GP appointments, especially in the evening and at weekends.

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